Presentation Layer

DEXGame has designed the metaverse as user-oriented and aims to make the modules in the metaverse easy to use and accessible. The terms of use and experiences of DEXGame users are prioritized on the "Presentation Layer", where the interfaces of products and services are designed and constructed. The Presentation Layer is the layer in which the user interacts directly with the software architecture. DEXGame software development team has designed a layer structure that can be easily updated and constantly improved, since the Presentation Layer is very dynamic just like other layers in the software architecture. The components of the Presentation Layer, which is designed by considering the easy and comfortable usage factors for the user, such as the inclusion of the users on the platform, the effective use of the components in the metaverse, and high interaction, are shown in the figure below.
Figure 23 - Presentation Layer for the Applications in the DEXGame Metaverse
DEXGame Client developed for DEXGame Metaverse includes DEXPARK and DEXPO modules. These modules host the user interfaces of the components in the virtual world built by DEXGame and provide the display of the platform to the user. At the same time, at the initial stage, it is aimed for users to experience products and services by visiting the components in the metaverse from First Person or Third Person views. With AR/VR technologies and hardware becoming more accessible and usable by everyone, the DEXGame Metaverse will become a platform that offers a more realistic experience in the long run.
DEXGame Wallet App has been designed for faster and easier use of products and services linked to the DXGM token, the financial currency of the DEXGame Metaverse, working with a blockchain-based decentralized finance model. This application helps perform the purchase and transfer services of the DXGM token to be used in the metaverse.
The data required for all the applications are shown in the figure above to work autonomously and stably are presented in the Business Logic Layer. Data analysis and data processing is done in Presentation Layer, if needed, using the relevant standards and blockchain infrastructure.