Storage Infrastructure

The validations and calculations of the data are done in the Business Logic layer, and the resulting data is directed to the Storage Infrastructure to be stored and stored. Storage Infrastructure is designed in a flexible structure for the storage and storage of data. Microservice architecture of DEXGame Metaverse is developed in a structure that works simultaneously with Layer-2 technologies. Until the platform reaches 100% decentralization, the data collected and stored will be kept in Amazon Web Services (AWS). In order to ensure a decentralized structure in the long term, various data will be stored with SKALE Network Filechain technology from the early stage. Thus, DEXGame Metaverse will have a software architecture that becomes gradually more and more decentralized.
Figure 27 - Storing data of applications in DEXGame Metaverse
All similar services, such as applications included in the DEXGame Metaverse, usually need to process resources and assets such as photos, videos, music and documents. The blockchain network is not designed to handle this type of data. Therefore, a typical blockchain application manages these resources and assets with non-blockchain solutions. While there are various alternatives to accomplishing this process, some involve using traditional cloud-based solutions or a more decentralized solution such as IPFS. Regardless of the approach, the DEXGame Architecture will adapt in a more agile manner to new technologies developed in this field that can communicate with the resource storage system.