DEXGame Metaverse was planned based on the "Seven Layers of Metaverse" systematic published by Jon Radoff and received with great interest by the authorities. In this context, the developments in the virtual world, designed to provide a unique experience to the users in the game world, are paired with the metaverse layers and listed below in. a chronological order.
Figure 28 - Improving Process of DEXGame Layers
DEXGame aims to build a virtual world on solid foundations with the right concept. DEXGame will raise the components in the "Seven Layers of Metaverse" layers from lower levels to higher levels over time. In this way, a simple and usable metaverse will be constructed at an early stage. It is aimed to complete the construction of the metaverse by increasing user adaptation with correct feedback. DEXGame, which attaches importance to easy use and fast access, will constantly optimize its metaverse by prototyping the promised components and the products and services of these components, with simultaneous market validation studies. With the advancements in the technology it has developed, DEXGame Metaverse will become a completely decentralized virtual world that can be integrated with different hardware, which can be freely built and managed, and which will allow for various experiences.
Figure 29 - Roadmap of DEXGame Metaverse Ecosystem
Finally, DEXGame Metaverse will be a social playground that includes the financial dynamics of the world of gaming, in which the content is produced by users in areas except for DEXPARK region. The detailed roadmap depending on these stages is presented below.
In the roadmap, DEXGame Metaverse is targeted to host various actors leading DEXGame's gaming ecosystem for computer games within 3 years from its release.