DEXPARK is the region built and managed by DEXGame, located within the DEXGame Metaverse. Game Arena, Gamer-Team Token Exchange, IDO Platform and NFT Gallery, developed for gamers, investors, artists and entrepreneurs, are located in this region.
DEXPARK is the starting point of the DEXGame Metaverse. DEXPARK, thanks to the software protocols it possesses, is a region that can provide transmission in-between different Metaverses created by different developers.
  • A Centre of Competition and Excitement for Gamers and Teams: DEXPARK Gamers and teams can generate revenue by playing individually or mutually in the Arena in DEXPARK. Arena in DEXPark is a platform that can host all kinds of PC gamers thanks to its Game Staking and Play2Earn models. Individual gamers will have the opportunity to increase their revenue with the “Game Staking” model introduced by DEXGame for the first time. Gamers who play games against each other will be able to generate revenue while playing games with the Play2Earn structure of the platform, especially by duelling each other in popular PC and mobile games, or by simply participating in tournaments organized by DEXGame or by the users themselves. Gamers can turn the trophies and awards they won in the games they play or the best moments during the game into NFT and sell them in the NFT gallery in DEXPARK. In addition, DEXGame has developed an algorithm that tokenizes the achievements and progress of gamers and teams. In this way, gamers and teams will be able to create their own cryptocurrency on the Gamer-Team Token Exchange, which is one of the most important parts of the DEXPARK metaverse. Thereby, they will have a chance to attract investment with to the achievements and advancements they have achieved depending on their abilities. Professional e-sports teams will increase their revenue with this method, while amateur e-sports teams will have the opportunity to grow by accessing more financial resources on the way to professionalization. They will be able to improve themselves by gaining an advantage both in terms of capacity increase and in branding, with the finances they will generate. On the other hand, gamers and teams may spend their revenue in DXGM by investing in the NFT Galleries in DEXPARK and the Gamer-Team Token Exchange. In addition, they will be able to convert their DXGM token into fiat currency through exchanges where the DXGM token is listed.
  • The Meeting Point of Game-Based Finances and Investment: DEXPARK Investors, gamers, e-sports teams, game developers and artists in the game market, which has grown more than 100 Billion USD in the last 10 years, come together at DEXPARK. Thanks to the blockchain-based decentralized finance system offered by DEXGame, investors who will be able to realize their investments safely and quickly will be able to closely follow the innovative blockchain projects listed on the IDO Platform and the game development teams in Game Studios Valley. In addition, investors will have the opportunity to interact with their representatives at DEXPARK. If there are investors who want to evaluate their investments in the field of e-sports, they will be able to invest in gamers or teams that create tokens on the Gamer-Team Token Exchange. Gamer and team tokens, whose value is determined not only by financial parameters, but also by abilities and achievements, will take their place in this virtual world as one of the most important innovations that will add value to DEXPARK and DXGM token. The fact that investors on the IDO Platform, which will enable DEXPARK to meet with promising blockchain projects in the gaming industry, must have a certain amount of DXGM tokens is one of the biggest indications of this.