DEXPO, which can be built and managed by users, is the name of all regions in the DEXGame Metaverse except DEXPARK.
DEXGame aims to host all stakeholders in the gaming industry on the lands included in DEXPO. DEXGame, which has implemented DEXPARK in order to realize this goal, offers a technological infrastructure and an advanced user base for users, brands and organizations that will take part in DEXPO. In this context, it is among the primary objectives of DEXGame to attract Investment Institutions, Game Studios, Game Houses, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores to this region for the growth of the DEXPO region.
To give an example, brands in the field of technology and services for the gaming industry, companies and organizations selling gaming equipment and hardware will have the opportunity to sell directly to everyone who visits DEXPO, especially gamers and game developers, in their stores located in DEXPO. DXGM token will be used in sales made in these virtual stores. Thanks to DEXPARK, gamers in the metaverse will have the opportunity to spend their revenue by shopping in these stores. Physical products sold from these virtual stores will be sent to buyers in countries where shopping with cryptocurrencies is permitted by laws and regulations, by methods such as mail or cargo. Digital products (discount codes, memberships, etc.) sold from these stores will be sent via e-mail. In this way, everyone in the DEXPARK metaverse will have the opportunity to spend the DXGM tokens they have purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges or earned in DEXPARK. DEXGame will thereby offer a social and accessible game world to the people in DEXPARK wherever they are in the world.
For example, DEXPO, with its decentralized finance approach, will serve as a bridge between game developer and investor. DEXPO will serve as a platform that will make a serious contribution to the rapid entry of games produced on open source game development platforms and those who want to independently publish their own games. In this way, DEXGame will also serve as an accelerator for game entrepreneurs. Game developers will have the opportunity to present the games they have developed to the gamers and teams in the Arena, so that they will directly generate revenue in the sharing economy built by DEXGame. In addition, they will take an important step towards branding by opening a virtual game studio for them/their teams in the Game Studios Valley in the virtual world created by DEXGame. By creating a Game House for themselves/their teams, gamers will take an important step towards becoming professionals in e-sports. On the other hand, DEXPARK will function in such a way that not only the games, but also the stakeholders such as graphic designers, music producers, content providers and story writers who contribute to the development of the games can generate revenue for themselves. Visual artists, sound artists and game designers in the game development teams will be able to increase their revenue by selling the materials they have created in the NFT Galleries in DEXPARK. With the increase in quality thanks to competition, games that offer a better gaming experience and that are of high quality will be able to take place quickly on the platform. Game developers and artists, just like gamers, will be able to spend their revenue as DXGM on the DEXGame Metaverse or convert them into fiat currency via exchanges where the DXGM token is listed.