Market Needs & Specific Solutions

DEXGame has identified shortcomings or weaknesses as well as opportunities in the industry. In this context, DEXPARK aims to produce solutions to some problems that exist today or will be encountered in the near future, thanks to the components in the metaverse. The detailed justification of the DEXGame project and the sectoral needs and problems for which it offers alternative solutions are summarized below. These needs and solutions are identified according to the long-term roadmap. With the completion of DEXPARK and the development of DEXPO, DEXGame Metaverse will be an inclusive platform that offers solutions to 100% of the market needs listed below. The DEXGame team is able to update the solution proposals quickly over time by closely following the needs of the targeted industries.
Market Needs
A metaverse platform that serves as a bridge between the real world and the virtual world
All components in the DEXGame Metaverse were brought forward as a result of a detailed analysis of the game world. In the metaverse created by DEXGame, there are many elements such as financial resources needed in the real world, product and service buying and selling mechanisms, entrepreneurship and investment tools. This is the biggest indicator of the tight bond between the DEXGame metaverse and the real world.
A game platform that appeals to all types of gamers
Thanks to the components in DEXGame Metaverse, it will be possible to host different types of gamers such as Casual Gamers, Socializers, E-Sporter, Ultimate Gamers, All-Round Enthusiast, Hardware Enthusiast, Backseat Viewer, Time Filler.
Completely free and reliable, non-authoritarian and non-binding Play2Earn gaming platform
Even though the Play2Earn or Play2Collect platforms in the market are decentralized finance-based and non-authoritarian, they usually form a closed ecosystem of their own. The biggest indicator is that the system built by the platforms only works with their own games. So much so that the DEXGame team thinks that such platforms do not 100% coincide with the concept of "Metaverse". In DEXGame Metaverse, it is aimed that many games and many stakeholders in the game ecosystem will take place together.
A gaming platform that offers fairer competition and optimum conditions
DEXGame processes the different data of the gamers in the Play2Earn system, ensuring fairer matches with its ranking system. Thus, it ethically secures the amounts gamers will spend for Play2Earn, and allows the gamer's ability to determine the outcome.
Gaming platform with supporting mechanisms for the professionalization of amateur e-sports gamers
DEXGame provides access to the intellectual and financial resources needed by gamers and teams to become a professional esports team, through the ecosystem and investment mechanisms in the DEXGame Metaverse.
A gaming platform in which the majority of the revenue does not go to professional gamers and publishers
Due to globalization, trends, branding and disruptive market gamers, most of the revenues generated by various genres (e-sports organizations, broadcasts, etc.) in the gaming world go to the same gamers, publishers and organizations. DEXGame Metaverse will be an accessible and usable platform for everyone, as it offers the entire virtual infrastructure. Thus, since the value of physical facilities and required budgets in such processes will decrease, a more homogeneous distribution of the revenue will be ensured.
A gaming platform where gamers do not regret purchasing after making an in-game or in-platform purchase
In a survey conducted by Facebook, 61% of gamers in the US said they regretted purchasing in-game assets or currencies. The financial structure of DEXGame and DEXGame Metaverse have very strong features to eliminate this regret. DEXGame offers various ways to earn and spend money. Users can convert their DXGM token into any currency they wish, or spend them on non-game values and assets in the DEXPARK ecosystem.
An investment platform that enables the dissemination and increase of investments in the world of gaming
In DEXGame Metaverse, an economically dynamic virtual world will be created with the investment tools available for investing in all scales with the DXGM token.
Investment platform that allows specific investments in the world of gaming
In the world of gaming, tokens are often used to determine the commercial value of a commodity or product. Today, these tokens are highly useful in the trade, exchange, and marketing of in-game assets (fan tokens). Game studios, game houses, especially the gamers and teams in the DEXGame Metaverse will be able to create customized tokens, the value of which is determined by special metrics in addition to financial metrics. These tokens will be based on DXGM, and specific investments based on talent and quality will be provided in the game world.
An NFT marketplace platform that enables NFT art products made by artists (designers, sound artists etc) to become widespread not only for commercial purposes but also for use in games or different products.
With DEXPARK, NFTs will be showcased as well as traded. Artists will thus gain visibility into different collaborations while profiting from NFT sales. Infrastructure will be provided for the use of NFTs in developed games, especially by game developers in the DEXGame Metaverse.
An NFT marketplace platform that improves the presentation of NFT art products created by artists (designers, sound artists, etc)
DEXPARK aims to provide a different experience for NFT sales. The presence of NFTs, which are sold similarly to traditional e-commerce sites, in galleries or events in the DEXPARK metaverse brings innovations both in terms of presentation and communication with the artist.
An NFT marketplace where NFT artworks created by artists (designers, sound artists, etc) are transferable between game universes on different blockchains
DEXGame will provide infrastructure for the use of NFTs in different metaverses, thanks to the protocols it plans to use while developing its products. In this way, with the concept of the composite metaverse, the entities will be valid everywhere.
A gaming platform that enables game developers to be the main winners in the game publishing process
Especially in the mobile games sector, the game publishers in the market contain the conditions that put the developers in a disadvantageous position and dominate the market. DEXGame, with its decentralized financial system and identity that rejects authority, has built the necessary infrastructure for game developers to get their money's worth.
A virtual platform that supports entrepreneurship in the field of game development and brings these initiatives directly to end users and to investors
VCs, mutual funds and other financial institutions planned to take part in the DEXGame Metaverse will seize the investment opportunities in the metaverse. Game developers will gain a significant advantage in terms of both access to investment resources and access to the end user. With this aspect, DEXGame Metaverse is a virtual platform that paves the way for game developers to open virtual game studios and increase their brand image.
A virtual platform that facilitates finding team members, creating collaborations and partnerships in the field of game development
Game developers will have the advantages of networking as well as the investment opportunities of DEXGame Metaverse. With this aspect, DEXPARK is positioned as a virtual coworking space.
A trading platform that enables online gamers, equipment and hardware vendors to be the main winners
DEXGame Metaverse offers a more profitable trading opportunity for those who sell on the internet, thanks to its decentralized finance system. The profitability of main institutions such as banks and e-commerce platforms will decrease, and vendors will gain more profit. Vendors will get rid of the additional financial burdens (taxes, high commissions, etc.) brought about by central sales mechanisms, and will allow equipment and hardware to reach the users at cheaper prices.
A virtual platform that acts as an event center where every stakeholder and user in the game world can organize an event
DEXGame Metaverse will be able to host organizations and events in the metaverse with the infrastructure opportunities it offers, especially for influencers and publishers. These activities can be of many different types. Many kinds of events such as fairs, concerts, conferences, publications can be organized here.