Use Cases & Experiences

Figure 12: Experience Map of DEXGame
DEXPARK, the starting point of the DEXGame Metaverse, will bring together gamers, investors, artists and cryptocurrency-based game entrepreneurs. DEXPO will enable different types of users to participate in the DEXGame Metaverse, with the open-world metaverse region that will be built and managed by users such as game developers, brands, organizations. The variety of use scenarios and user experiences will thereby increase. In line with the the roadmap of the DEXGame project, the prominent user scenarios and user experiences in the DEXPO Region, which will develop gradually in the process, are as follows.
  1. 1.
    Socialisation and Collaboration: The DEXGame Metaverse Ecosystem is a dynamic metaverse that accommodates different types of users. With its content, culture and structure, this dynamic metaverse will trigger various social interactions among users. Users can chat and share with other users (virtual character) in the metaverse. Even users who randomly browse DEXGame Metaverse will spend more time in certain regions according to their interests. Users will be able to evaluate the DEXGame Metaverse as a collaborative workspace or virtual organization space, thanks to the components and possibilities in this metaverse. For example, events such as e-sports tournaments, concerts, conferences for the gaming industry can be organized in DEXGame Metaverse. Communities of users can help and collaborate with each other for common purposes and common interests using the components of the metaverse. Providing a strong infrastructure for this and similar scenarios, DEXGame Metaverse has been designed as a metaverse platform with a high social aspect with a community structure.
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    Creating Success Stories: DEXGame has provided the necessary ground and infrastructure for gamers, teams and game developers to write a success story in the fictional metaverse. DEXGame Metaverse makes the two most important resources that a right idea or product should have on the way to success, namely human resources and financial resources, accessible to its users. With its social structure, everyone in DEXGame Metaverse (especially those that can be addressed with a virtual game house, e-sports house or game studio) will have the opportunity to directly access the qualified network. In addition, gamers, teams and game developers will have access to financial resources, thanks to components for investment vehicles such as the Gamer-Team Token Exchange, IDO Platform, VC and investment centers. In this way, they will create important success stories on the way to professionalization and branding.
  3. 3.
    Creating Collections of Digital Assets: The publication and sale of digital assets is provided by the NFT gallery in DEXPARK. Art works of game developers, designers and musicians, game houses, game studios and all digital assets of their design can be traded with smart contracts. In this way, users will be able to create collections in the DEXGame Metaverse, since it enables the trading, distribution and collection of digital assets.
  4. 4.
    Increasing Sales: The decentralized finance model powered by DEXGame Metaverse's DXGM token also feeds a supply chain. In this virtual world, vendors, brands and organizations operating in the fields of the game industry are allowed to open stores in DEXPO and sell to everyone there. In this way, DEXGame Metaverse becomes a real trade center and increases sales
  5. 5.
    Conducting Marketing Activations: The structures built in the DEXGame Metaverse and the advertising spaces (boards, live broadcast areas, etc.) in this metaverse create a great alternative for the marketing activations of the products, services and events of the brands. In particular, the virtual world, which has a high social interaction feature, can offer various experiences to users as a promotional and marketing tool.
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    Setting off to a Game Developing Adventure: Thanks to the advantages of the decentralized finance model working with the DXGM token and Arena, game developers in the DEXGame Metaverse create a “playground” for their development. So much so that this playground is designed to cover almost all end-to-end processes that concern game developers. In DEXGame Metaverse, the games that game developers develop, present to users, test and generate revenue can enable them to turn into a game studio. The branding process, which started with a virtual game studio they will open at DEXPO, will turn into a digital game entrepreneurship adventure powered by qualified network, IDO platform, VC and investment mechanisms. DEXGame will launch special programs in DEXPARK together with leading game companies and partners in this field. Thanks to these programs, the metaverse, which includes trainings, mentorships and more, will host people who will shape the future world of gaming.
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    Miscellaneous: DEXPARK is developed together with the expert DEXGame team and DEXGame partners. Blockchain and decentralized financial technologies, which are advancing day by day, are closely followed by this team. The experience map in the DEXPARK ecosystem will be expanded to the extent that these advances technically allow.