Fundamentals of Economy Model and DXGM Token

The decentralized finance system in DEXGame Metaverse is built on two pillars. These pillars are the experience economy and the sharing economy.
The sharing economy is also known as solidarity consumption or the flexible economy. In the metaverse platform that DEXGame aims to create, the collective and solidarity aspect of the sharing economy stands out. The fact that DEXGame Metaverse turns into a collaborative workspace for users who wish is the side where the flexible structure of the sharing economy stands out. On the other hand, the most important issue regarding the products and services based on sharing economies, which have been implemented in line with various purposes and targets, will be internet technologies. In a structure without internet technologies, it is almost impossible for these economies to function. The main reason for this is that people living in different places and at different economic income levels come together and share within the framework of this economy. DEXGame Metaverse creates an autonomous metaverse with blockchain technology and decentralized finance in addition to internet technologies.
Figure 13 - The Experience Economy and The Sharing Economy
The experience economy, which is defined as the economy in which many products and services are sold by emphasizing the impact they can have on people's lives, forms another foundation on which the DEXGame Metaverse is built. In this context, DEXGame has built an economy that enriches and personalizes its products with the services it offers.
A sense of belonging is very important in DEXGame Metaverse, where the personalized world and experience are emphasized. DEXGame takes advantage of blockchain technology to determine the ownership of all assets in the metaverse of locations, gamer and team tokens, game developers and artists-owned NFTs and to promote the trading of these assets. Technologies and techniques such as decentralized data storage and distribution, blockchain-based smart contracts, decentralized applications are advancing day by day. DEXGame will use blockchain technology in its initial phase, specifically for its decentralized finance model. The ultimate goal of the project is to become a fully blockchain-based autonomous platform in the later phases of the project. The DEXGame developer team will benefit from all user-friendly, fast, inexpensive, proven reliable technologies and techniques for decentralized data storage and blockchain-based smart contracts during the project development process.
Trading of products, services and currencies in DEXGame Metaverse will enable economic interaction. DEXGame runs its decentralized finance system on Skale Blockchain Network with smart contracts with ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 standards, in order for this trade to continue autonomously. DEXGame brings a number of advantages by using the Skale Blockchain Network. The fact that most of the transaction fees in DEXGame Metaverse are free and have superior speed are just a few of these advantages. On the other hand, various alternatives have been produced so that users can be included in the DEXGame Metaverse and interact economically. Supported by payment systems tied to cryptocurrency or fiat currencies, the platform is designed to be user-friendly. The DEXGame team has created the technological infrastructure necessary for this entire economic cycle to take place quickly, reliably and transparently.