Executive Summary

Figure 1 - DEXGame for Everyone
DEXGame is an Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse platform for gamers and gaming industry stakeholders. In this metaverse, DEXGame offers its users an enjoyable and immersive experience.
While users can spend their free time on the platform by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by DEXGame in the metaverse, they can also generate earnings (revenue) in various ways. Some of the ways to generate revenue are to play games, to develop products in the field of games and digital arts, to sell equipment and hardware, to organize events, to evaluate different investment models specific to the platform.
In the game industry, stakeholders and organizational structures that provide economic dynamism are also included in this metaverse created by DEXGame. Users, stakeholders and organizational structures can interact with each other on the platform. This, in turn, forms the sustainability basis of the economic cycle that works exclusively with the DEXGame-owned cryptocurrency (DXGM). In this document, the concept of the DEXGame metaverse and the economic model of this concept are explained, and the factors contributing to the increase of this model's revenue, prevalence, growth rate, etc. of users and stakeholders are given in detail.
The DEXGame metaverse is an inclusive platform with a B2B and B2C business model for both the DEXGame team and DEXGame users, which will host every user and stakeholder in the game ecosystem with to this aspect. DEXGame prioritizes accessibility, convenience, transparency and reliability for the financial mechanism developed based on these business models. For this reason, DEXGame uses the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC20 standard for all DXGM token transfers while implementing the decentralized finance model. On the other hand, all assets, structures and lands owned by users in the DEXGame metaverse belong to them permanently. The sale or exchange of these assets can only be carried out by themselves.
Our vision is to establish an immersive and collective metaverse that works without a central authority for all users (i.e. gamers, amateur/professional e-sports teams, game developers, digital artists, software and hardware brands in the gaming industry, gaming equipment vendors, investors and investment organizations, influencers and publishers) in the DEXGame metaverse, tightly connected to the real world. DEXGame has designed this metaverse to contribute to blockchain technologies, decentralized finance, NFT and digital games sectors along with the entrepreneurship in these industries