Figure 2 - DEXGame Game Ecosystem
DEXGame has been designed to bring each component in the value chain of the gaming ecosystem to life in the metaverse platform it has built by combining the following models:
  • blockchain-based sharing economy based on decentralized finance system,
  • experience economy based on personalization and collaboration,
DEXGame Metaverse consists of two main regions, DEXPARK and DEXPO.
  1. 1.
    DEXPARK: This region, designed for gamers and investors and built and managed by DEXGame, includes the Game Arena, Gamer-Team Token Exchange, NFT Gallery and IDO Platform.
  2. 2.
    DEXPO: This region, the technological infrastructure of which is provided by DEXGame and the construction of which will be made and managed by users, is an open-world region that hosts game developers, digital artists, software and hardware brands in the gaming industry, game equipment vendors and investment organizations (VC, Business Angel Network etc). At DEXPO, it is aimed to bring together all the stakeholders and components in the game ecosystem such as Game Studios, Game Houses, IDO Platform, Investment Centers, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores.
DEXGame aims to bring gamers, artists, entrepreneurs and investors together by realizing DEXPARK, which it built and managed in the short and medium term. In the long term, it is aimed for DEXPO to become a collective game world that increases the interaction between these stakeholders as the meeting point of all stakeholders in the game world.
Thanks to the blockchain-based decentralized finance model and the financial currency DXGM token, the DEXGame team aims to develop a decentralized and unstoppable platform, managed by the community, having its own currency and its own ecosystem, in addition to contributing to the game ecosystem.